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I had a wake up call…

This is my very first post.😉

My friends ask me…why create a blog? They also ask what’s the subject? Where are you going with this?  Then after I answer: they say ” You don’t have time to waste on this.”

W.T.F ? I’m looking for satisfaction from just doing this….

MY BLOG: my talking about….I want to explore how sharing my thoughts with random people, who want to talk too, will develop…

My(so called)”friends” also think I won’t make it as a successful “Blogger”. Perhaps, this could be my first issue I want to talk about: Friends, real friends, best friends, friends one should avoid, ….l.o.l. Friends that don’t believe in yours dreams….

Please share anything about “friends”. Your opinions on this, or an experience about a friend that you want to get off your chest, or maybe a sketch or drawing you feel tells all about your thoughts on friendships.


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  1. Friends aren’t always our cheerleaders, whether their advice is stupid or wise, their input can help us. We need different opinions to analyse situations. Hopefully, false friend’s advice will not be analysed.

    However BEST friends are always our greatest cheerleaders and they never leave our hearts!

    My sister is a great example of this. We live far apart and in different time zones. Our totally different and equally busy lives don’t allow us to catch up often. But no matter what happens, or what trouble we got ourselves into, we are always 2 heads as one.

    One more thing, a BEST friend is rare unfortunately; ideally we should all be our own BEST friend.

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