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I expected just one person (that I do not know) to send me a reply to one of my posts. I also expected more of my friends to participate.

My friends say “Wow! thumbs up Shandy” but probably only looked at the photos…Ha! Ha!

I once posted on FACEBOOK

Anger and violence does not change the heart of a NASTY person, but beware that it can change yours. The best revenge is to stay true to yourself and not to change your heart, but never forget the lesson given.

It was one those “bla bla” nights on FACEBOOK. I got 2 or 3 likes, 1 comment “are you ok?”.

Then I reposted it with a corny photo montage in the background. I made sure it was not very relevant to the words spoken.

It looked like one of those annoying posts that everybody shares.

Sure enough, it was more popular and shared.

Disgusted, I removed both posts.

Lesson learned : Expect nothing and concentrate on your goals. My blog needs feedback, but talking to myself is fine too. For now I want to explore other bloggers views and participate in worldwide discussions.

Expect bu-seal-large-blue




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