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Fairstone, beware not fair!

CitFinancial is now Fairstone, here are 2 stories, I feel should be heard… your comments and support would be greatly appreciated…

” What began as a $8.500 loan has now grown to more than $20,000 in debt” she said ….people need to read the bottom line carefully before they sign anything with lenders like Citi Financial…”hidden fees that can not only keep your loan at the same number but can also increase your loan balance.”

“For me it’s too late” she said. The court documents she receives regularly have been a source of constant stress. “I messed up. I messed up huge, and I know I did. But how long do I have to pay for it?”

Email from an Anonymous Talker:

My story begins with a sick leave, I was given a mortgage by CitiFinancial

Yes, it relieved me at the time, I was alone and I had 4 young children to take care of. But when I returned to work I did not expect to be fired. I had been told there was not enough work. They layed me off. 

I never quite understood why me? …I know that my boss did not want to take a chance that I would be sick again. Citifinancial took a chance on me. Of did they?

In 2007: My first mortgage was $ 43 311.55 with an interest rate of 10.99% , over a period of 20 years. I paid $ 463.18 / month which included all kinds of insurances and tow services…

In 2010: My debt was $ 41 967, but with no job and depression coming quickly my way. I had to refinance with them for $ 59 622 (hydro, late tax ..) at an interest rate of 12.55%. I was worse off but I paid more $ 699.71 / month.

I had to refinance with them or lose my house. Why? because I believed that things would get better.

I really worked hard and tried. I started to do contract work (I love my career and I am good at it) . But when I asked for more time to wait for my clients to pay their invoices, Citi Financial started calling my clients. They even left messages with my past employers (my clients) pretending they can not find me. They also called me and hounded me every month on the very same day my payment was due.

In 2015: My mortgage was up for renewal.

Even though I then had a steady job and things were better, I tried to get another mortgage elsewhere? The banks all said that Citi Financial do not report mortgage payments properly and this is the cause of my poor credit.

I had no choice but to continue with Citi Financial.  I still owed $ 61 214.55, again with an interest rate of 12.55% I payed $ 781.59 / month.

Recently, I just moved away. My house was causing me too much grief,  with no credit to renovate ….it was falling apart. CitiFinancial’s constant harassment made me feel SHAMEFUL. I felt ill all the time…. I had to start over. I just gave up my home.

Slowly, I am learning that HOME really is where the HEART is. And my HEART wants to heal !


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