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Today, Tomorrow, perhaps Forever perhaps Never…

In today’s world of technology, we have too many distractions. We get lost in endless changes in society. 

Everything presented to us, seems to be the way to go…No need to express our ideas…everything is out there. Been done and nothing you say is new?

Taking time to write can seem useless.

But if the need to express your ideas, create fiction or guides (how to’s), organise events or tell a tale is still strong within you.

Then here is my advice to you:

bart (1)

  1. Write it down in your own way, don’t think about the outside world. Just go for it.
  2. The next step to expressing your thoughts is to be understood. If you write something with too many spelling mistakes, what you want to say gets lost, because the reader can’t understand. Google basic grammar tricks, and use the dictionary…. or have it corrected for grammar mistakes with the help of a friend (not a negative or stupid acquaintance)
  3. Also think about creating an audio version of your work. You may be surprised
  4. And finally, share it.

But beware, even proper spelling will not make your ideas be understood by all…. not all people have the ability to comprehend.


Bart tells his dog “Please stop misbehaving, be a good dog or else my dad will send you away…..” the dog hears “bla bla bla bla”. Bart is saying something important to his dog, but the dog can’t understand this and continues to be a nuisance. The dog is not judging Bart nor is he uninterested, he just can’t get it!


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