“It’s a nice today, plus it is finally the long weekend, which means I am home and lucky to have time to enjoy my family, or do things that will make me happy, like my housework so I can finally have a clean house. Or read one of the many books (or articles …) that I have picked up over time and kept in hope that one day, I would have the time and energy to them reading.By the river


But my body says no! You will not take advantage of this day!

My tired legs do not want to walk. And each thought in my brain is like a hammer in my head. The beautiful sunshine burns my eyes. I’m hungry but I cannot eat, even when my children offer me a snack. I love when they make me something to eat, they are often very creative and this makes me so proud… I just stay in bed and hope the outside world will be ok. I know my children will be sad of course and worried, but I can’t function so I can only hope they will be ok…I become like an animal hiding to die!

But I don’t die, fortunately and for no logical reason, my body will soon decide to give me back my life. Then I will rise again and I’ll be me … but for how long?” Mrs. Smith, 2008

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