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Category: advise

Sad W

Keep in mind that foreplay begins way before you get into bed. You can’t expect your lover to be Adonis or Aphrodite in bed, if you’ve spent the afternoon complaining to him about items he forgot on the grocery list or that she overcooked the casserole.  If you want a creative, exciting, loving sex-life then you have to be creative, exciting and loving outside of the bedroom.

Today, Tomorrow, perhaps Forever perhaps Never…

In today’s world of technology, we have too many distractions. We get lost in endless changes in society. Everything presented to us, seems to be the way to go…No need to express our ideas…everything is out there. Been done and nothing you say is new?  Taking time to write can seem useless.    

M. Friend

If women are always keeping  you safely in the friend-zone consider yourself lucky to have so many friends. However, know that, with very little exception, ‘more of a friend’ means that they aren’t feeling it sexually for you. If that’s ok with you, then continue doing what you’re doing. If, on the other hand you want more from a relationship with a woman, you may consider doing the following: