New Dear Shandy, The A B C random advise column

Let us combined our thoughts and share our advise


Let us combine our thoughts and share our advise:

Anonomyously, since I do not ask for your name, email  nor for you to join a club…

Dear Shandy will no longer answer your questions (unless you want advise in a private email from me…let me know)

Once again, I want to REACH OUT to random people and listen to what they want to say!!! Not too much success so far, nevertheless…

A: Send your dilemmas to the link below

Dear Shandy….ask a random reader

B: I then will post it on my home page firstly under latest.

  • A custom feature photo or sketch will introduce your problem.
  • You may want to send me your own visual description of your question at

C: Readers will then enter their advise in the comments. 

Threads will be unlimited but monitored by me.

You will then also be able to reply in the comments or send me an email in private


Dear Abby where are you now…

Human beings are social beings and often depend on others to fine-tune themselves


Dear Abby,

As a young girl, I loved reading your column. I rarely related to the troubles your writers had, but still I was facinated by their desire to seek your help. I pondered your responses and thought about how I would have answered. I found it amazing: your  idea of lending an ear to strangers and letting them feel less isolated…through your wise words.  You cared about these people.Abigail Van Buren

Back when the world was much smaller (before social media) you gave troubled people hope!

Although,  your success was based on feeding the nosy people of our society!

I do believe that gossiping can provide some help to troubled people by giving them the opportunity to compare themselves to others.

This helps them find clues to where they fit in society.

Is gossip really part of human nature? Yes!!!

“Human beings are mostly social beings and often depend on others to fine-tune themselves.”

Sincerely your,