About Shandy

I have always found communication difficult.

My most comforting method of getting my thoughts together and ready to share have been through journal type expressions” or rather notes to myself.

What does this mean? I write down my anguishes or my ideas, and often I sketch up my thoughts or visions that came to me in a dream.

My “journal type expressions” entries are sometimes about what I want to say to my boss or friend but can’t…and very often about what I should have said but did not, kind of practising my verbal skills for next time I feel stuck…

  • My teenage and young adult years: I used to destroy these writings after awhile. Some helped me resolve my issues, some needed to be forgotten.
  • Then during my more DARKER adult years: I started to save them in a secure place where no one would think to look, but I could rehash them off and on, if I wanted to. Also I would post things on Facebook that I later decided to edit the privacy to “only me”. These writings just got put on the back burner and this is did not help me.
  • Recently: I sent SMSs or emails… Sometimes late at night, and this often got me into alot of trouble…most people question the value of late night messages. L.O.L. but, never the less, it helped me sleep!
  • TODAY: My recent new found joy of actually sharing my “journal type expressions” inspired me to reach out to others, who want to talk too.



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