My Talking About…

January 2017  cropped-message_1475623435291.jpg

My friends ask me…why create a blog? They also ask what’s the subject? Where are you going with this?  Then after I answer: they say ” You don’t have time to waste on this.”

I do not see the problem? I’m looking for satisfaction from just doing this….

MY BLOG: my talking about….I want to explore how sharing my thoughts with random people, who want to talk too, will develop…

January 2018

I have refined my vision for this site and found 3 ways to explore sharing freely with random people.

Moving on 2017

Free for all – page dedicated to testimonials I have received and have permission to publish.

Now easier to share go to FREE TALK page and send me your thoughts…


Dear Shandy – Advice for the fun of it.

Others can give their advise too. It is fun and free!


20180214_190727Custom T-shirts – Perhaps you have always wanted to wear your favorite expression or a LOGO you created…

If you have a desire to expose your creations and sell them online, I am also offering a unique opportunity to sell your unique custom t-shirts ideas through this site…(page is under construction)

mick-jagger“Drawn in December 1963 by Harvey Ball, a commercial artist who was paid US$45 (Dh165) for the 10 minutes it took him to come up with the design, the yellow smiling face became a part of State Mutual’s corporate identity. However, neither Ball nor the insurance company registered the design.”