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Dementia….In today’s world we can Google it! BUT NO! I do not want to Google, Bing or Yandex it. I […]


I expected just one person (that I do not know) to send me a reply to one of my posts. […]

I had a wake up call…

My friends ask me...why create a blog? They also ask what's the subject? Where are you going with this?  Then after I answer: they say " You don't have time to waste on this."


I don’t have much knowledge about the homeless. But I do want to talk about this, as most people are, […]

Sad W

Keep in mind that foreplay begins way before you get into bed. You can’t expect your lover to be Adonis or Aphrodite in bed, if you’ve spent the afternoon complaining to him about items he forgot on the grocery list or that she overcooked the casserole.  If you want a creative, exciting, loving sex-life then you have to be creative, exciting and loving outside of the bedroom.

Fairstone, beware not fair!

My story begins with a sick leave, I was given a mortgage by CitiFinancial Yes, it relieved me at the time, I was alone and I had 4 young children to take care of. But when I returned to work I did not expect to be fired.

CFS – first of many testimonials

People who have chronic fatigue syndrome should be able to enjoy the days that their body gives them back their life, and without prejudice! No one would ever questions the need to rest for someone  with a kidney disease.... Having an invisible chronic ailment means you have to continually prove that you have a real illness. That although you seemed fine yesterday, today you are not struck by mental  illness, nor weak minded or LAZY.  THIS constant misbelief of chronic fatigue syndrome is TIRESOME! Instead of support, you are alone. Which opens the door to depression, job loss, financial troubles....