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Let us combined our thoughts and share our advise


Let us combine our thoughts and share our advise:

Anonomyously, since I do not ask for your name, email  nor for you to join a club…

Dear Shandy will no longer answer your questions (unless you want advise in a private email from me…let me know)

Once again, I want to REACH OUT to random people and listen to what they want to say!!! Not too much success so far, nevertheless…

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Often I do not understand verbal conversations

“No comment” breeds mystery I thought.  But people wondered if I was smart and shy or maybe just dump or boring.

  • October 6, 2017

“Often I do not understand verbal conversations. In the past, I have therefore kept a silent attitude among the general public.  “No comment” breeds mystery I thought.  But people wondered if I was smart and shy or maybe just dump or boring. In school, most just thought I was just boring… Later I noticed people at work would give up on listening to me, because I have an awkward way of expressing myself. Frustrated, I learned to watch from a far. And then when I finally wished to step up, I clumsily would get real mad, real easily.  My kids often told me to calm down.  I would then smile and let them know I will work on my temper. Inside I was happy to be able to say what I wanted to say, I was making myself heard and I was starting to feel alive. My kids were right though to tell me this because being constantly mad is very hard on your health.  I eventually learned to pace my self. Today, I stay clear of explaining more complex ideas. I keep it to myself and write about it later…. At work, everyone knows me as the girl that emails instead of picking up the phone.” Kathy J.